Gears of War 3

Whether or not you attended a Gears of War 3 midnight launch or even bought the game, you’ve got to check out these videos!

Quick recap, we did live broadcast the entire launch at the Microsoft store in Century City. Join our crowd on our Ustream page for more live broadcasts. We had two cameras rolling during the entire event. Viewers could see both angles on our Livestream page. The store opened up at 10pm to let people in to play the game in a tournament style. The first 100 people got goodie bags.

Start of the Midnight Launch:

Adam Sessler:

Guy Welch:

Tournament #2 high score:

MLG Players:

Tournament winner:

Noobz Movie:

Lester Speight and Lee Weaver:

Michael Gough:

John DiMaggio:

End of the Midnight Launch:

For more videos and photos from the Gears of War 3 midnight launch go to

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