The Land – DVD Review


Every human being on the planet has some level of drive, desire, and ambition. To be the best at something and do what they can to achieve that goal. Even if they fall on their face in defeat, sometimes trying and failing is truly better than never attempting at all. When we meet our four heroes in The Land, they, too, have dreams and aspirations. True, theirs may not be groundbreaking feats of power or prestige, but in their world of skateboarding, what they desire to do makes them legends in their own time.

Cleveland, Ohio. A city of many stories, and four of those belong to friends Cisco, Junior, Patty Cake, and Boobie, four friends with a passion and desire to skateboard their way through summer. Well…they also enjoy carjacking people with the help of their skateboards, which is all well and good until the one day they steal the car of the wrong dude.

While plundering his trunk, the foursome come across bags of pills – MDMA to be exact – that their de factor leader, Cisco, decides is their ticket to skateboarding Nirvana. But when the drug tycoon who owns the pills finds out that the pills have been taken, what happens takes the four friends on a dangerous adventure they won’t soon forget.

With a solid soundtrack and gritty visuals, The Land is a gripping drama about four young men whose fates change forever over the course of a summer of mishaps, missteps, and misadventures.

The DVD includes a short featurette about the making of the film and the film’s trailer.

I highly recommend The Land!

The Land is available now on DVD.

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