The Casual Vacancy – Blu-ray Review

The Casual Vacancy on Blu-ray
Family, politics, and the legacy of the village of Pagford are at the heart of The Casual Vacancy, the small screen adaptation of the J.K. Rowling novel of the same name. Vacancy explores the inner workings of small town politics and how the actions of those involved have a ripple effect on every aspect of society as a whole.

When a beloved member of the Pagford’s parish council dies, all hell breaks loose as people jockey for his spot in order to either advance the plans set forth by one of Pagford’s eldest couples, or stop it in it’s tracks. Secrets are revealed, betrayals arise, and alliances come and go as the people of Pagford fight against an unrelenting current of selfishness and hostility.

There are a lot of layers and interconnected stories within the confines of this miniseries. Along with biting political satire, the multi-dimensional characters – played with amazing depth by a fantastic ensemble – showcase all levels of class within the village of Pagford and how these groups interact in both civil and violent ways.

Buoyed by superb performances and a strong script, The Casual Vacancy is a miniseries that is powerful in its message about the dangers of selfish behavior, political ruthlessness, and the dangers of taking those around you for granted.

The Blu-ray edition includes three featurettes:

An Introduction to The Casual Vacancy

A brief who’s who of the characters, plot elements, and locations that make up the world of The Casual Vacancy.

Adapting The Casual Vacancy

What’s it take to turn a novel into a minseries? Screenwriter Sarah Phelps talks about the omissions and additions made to the story to make the world of Pagford come to life on the small screen.

Casting The Casual Vacancy

With an exceptional ensemble of both newcomers and acting vets, explore how the cast was brought together to create the dramatic dynamics needed for the miniseries.

If you enjoyed the book, or are one of those people who would rather watch the movie, The Casual Vacancy is enjoyable entertainment.

Check out The Casual Vacancy on Blu-ray and DVD August 4, 2015!

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