Sponsored Video: Mercedes-Benz Defying Death Valley

Mercedes-Benz B Class F-CELL

Would you ever drink the emissions from your car? I think that many of us would be hesitant to do so. But low and behold Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have done just that!

With their modified Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL, they have been able to harness their car’s emissions and turn it into drinkable water. Just think about the possibilities, drive more and create more water. This video example takes place in Death Valley, but clearly this could be happening all of the world and hopefully it will be.

Mercedes-Benz has rolled out the B-Class F-CELL car for mass production, this is its first fuel cell electric vehicle. The electricity helps cause the chemical reaction between the hydrogen and oxygen. It only takes less than three minutes to fully charge allowing you to drive for about 250 miles emitting only pure water.

I never imagined that the benefits of fuel cell technology could literally go beyond simple transportation. This clearly makes f-cell more valuable than hybrids and other pure-electric cars. With Mercedes-Benz mass producing these cars hopefully we’ll see more of them on the streets sooner rather than later.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have both been driving the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL for over two years. Joshua Jackson actually took part in the first circumnavigation of the globe with fuel cell cars in the Mercedes-Benz F-CELL World Drive of 2011.

You can follow Mercedes-Benz and its fuel cell as well as other technological breakthroughs on their website and YouTube channel.

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