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Off Pitch members

It’s a performance-based reality series unlike any you’ve seen before. Meet the Grand River Singers from La Crosse, Wisconsin; a merry group of men and women who just happen to be the only all-adult glee club in the country. Along with this distinction, they also happen to be less than perfect, which makes for one zany, wacky reality series! Welcome to the world of VH1’s Off Pitch.

GRS sing, dance, and perform a variety of songs all around Wisconsin at fairs and other events around the state. This year, however, they’re taking their gleeness on the road and sharing their experiences – be they good or bad – with TV viewers all across the fruited plain. And from what the extended trailer shows, they are far from perfection.

Each member of the group, including the two co-directors and founders, bring their own level of drama and insanity to this seemingly dysfunctional group of performers. There’s no telling what will happen during a live performance, and these brave men and women confront unresponsive crowds, obstructive equipment, and massive egos on what seems like a daily basis.

It’s an eclectic collection of personality types that definitely leads to great drama and even greater conflicts that make for great reality television. Because who wants to watch people get along and love each other. That’s so passé these days!

But despite the dramatics, it’s clear that deep down the plucky adults of the Grand River Singers really do care for and support each other. They are a family of sorts, working through their conflicts, their tears, and their disagreements and making sure the show goes on no matter what’s taking place behind-the-scenes.

VH1's Off Pitch

Be sure to check out Off Pitch, the new reality series on VH1 on Wednesday, April 17 at 10/9c! Check out the Off Pitch Supertrailer below!

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