DVD Review: MLB All-Time Bloopers

MLB All-Time Bloopers

Its time for some baseball silliness! While we all can appreciate the skills and talents of professional athletes, it’s easy to forget that they are human beings just like us (albeit very well-paid human beings). And one thing that humans do best is screw up, blunder, and make fools of themselves (if we didn’t America’s Funniest Home Videos and YouTube would have no reason to exist).

Sports is a world filled with blooper possibilities, and Major League Baseball is no exception. In MLB All-Time Bloopers sit back and relax as some of your favorite MLB players from both past and present make fools of themselves out on the field. There’s no escaping the hilarity as gravity, inertia, and kinetic energy collide in a funhouse of wackiness out on the field!

From dropped balls, thrown bats, and even feral cats, the MLB has its share of zany, wacky, and silly moments that are definitely worth watching. This 50 minutes salute to the not-so-professional side of Major League Baseball just goes to prove one important thing: we should never be afraid to laugh at ourselves…or each other.

For some entertaining sports fun, whether you’re a sports person or not, check out MLB All-Time Bloopers on DVD!

MLB All-Time Bloopers is available NOW!

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