Sponsored Video: Hyundai’s Brilliant Moment

Keone & Mariel Madrid Hyundai

How does one define brilliance? Is it intellect, creativity, or something more? When we have a brilliant moment, something happens to us both inside and out. We become more alert, more excited, and much more aware of the world around us. Brilliance and, moreover, brilliant moments make us more well-rounded and happy people to both those around us and to ourselves.

Hyundai has delivered a moment of brilliance through a fascinatingly creative piece created by Keone & Mariel Madrid, a husband and wife team of choreographers. Their brilliance and creative spirit, combined with their collaboration with Hyundai, has resulted in a short film unlike any seen before.

What makes it so unique, you may ask?

Real cars in stop-motion. “Is that even possible?” you may ask. “The physics of something of that magnitude are impossible for me to comprehend.” Fear not, my doubting friend. For what transpires in the video below not only utilizes real cars, but also a level of brilliance and artistry that is groundbreaking in its scope and vision. A true tour de force that enables us to experience what truly is a brilliant moment.

And what we see in this short is a simple, everyday occurrence taking on a life of its own and resulting in a magical and resoundingly extraordinary event. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can result in big changes. Call it Chaos Theory. Call it The Butterfly Effect. Or just call it a Brilliant Moment.

Check out the video below and see this amazing film and the astounding amount of work it took to make it a reality.

For more Keone & Mariel Madrid check out these videos below:

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