First Impressions: Antichamber

After only hearing about the game a couple of days ago and watching one really well done trailer (see below), I decided that Antichamber was a must buy.  I’ve played for about 45 minutes and so far I have been not only extremely impressed but also extremely intrigued.

Antichamber is a first-person puzzler type game somewhat in the vain of Portal (you even get a crazy physics-like gun) that centers around solving puzzles to progress through increasingly mind boggling rooms and hallways.

The game wastes no time in throwing you right into the mix and explains virtually nothing besides some simple controls and what amounts to promotional posters.  These black and white posters are found throughout the game and usually give some vague advice, some of which seem more relevant to your daily life than the actual game.

One of the things that I found most interesting about the game is that there seems to be almost no “rules”.  A window that you look through from one side can have something completely different on the other side when looking through it from a different angle.  Hallways that seem to lead in circles can end up back in preview room or somewhere completely new.

The unpredictability of everything is what has made the game so intriguing so far.  Additionally, more often than not I’ll find myself trying to complete a puzzle by doing something that seems completely wrong and ridiculous only to find that it seems to be the only way to complete it.  The sense of accomplishment from these interactions is something I don’t think I’ve experienced in a game for as long as I can remember.

From what I can tell there’s still a large portion of the game for me to experience and discover.  I would highly recommend checking it out if for nothing else than to see a pretty unique and mysterious game the likes of which I’ve never seen before.

I’ll have more updates as I continue to progress through the game so make sure to check back for a final review!

You can get more details about the game here on Steam.

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