Twin Peaks Season 3

The first debunked rumor of 2013 is one that continues the idea of more Twin Peaks episodes. The rumors started from some Anonymous writer on a 4chan message board who said that David Lynch has been in talk with NBC executives about season 3 would pick up after season 2 in present day. It’s still exciting to ponder about the story ideas below:

– Lynch wants to be very hands on with the project, but the executives were very open about how “unusual” his tastes were. They seemed a little on edge about him tackling it alone.

– Lynch wants most of the cast back

– The story would revolve around the fact that good Cooper is still in the lodge and a young demale reporter will basically uncovered the truth behind Twin Peaks, Bob, and the lodge.

– Since season 2 bad Cooper has been in prison in another state for the murder of 2 Twin Peaks residents. He didn’t know which ones yet. It seems since season 2 bad Cooper went on a rampage. Everyone still thinks it’s the real Cooper.

– Lynch was adamant that the show opens by recreating the first red room scene in season 1. This takes place in modern day and was a hint that Cooper would be trapped within the red room.

Mark Frost debunked the rumor via Twitter:

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