Blu-ray Review: Ancient Aliens – Season Four

Ancient astronaut theorists believe…pretty much anything. That seems to be the main gist of what I’ve observed over my years watching and reviewing this enormously popular and very intriguing series from History. It doesn’t seem to matter how ludicrous or outside the box the idea is, the theorists on this show just seem to gobble it up and run with it. This is what makes the series just so darn fun to watch!

For the uninitiated, Ancient Aliens is a long-running History Channel series that delves into the possibility that aliens have been helping us as a civilization from the very beginning and perhaps even before humans existed. Each episode explores a particular aspect of alien assistance to our early ancestors all around the globe, even the idea that cowboys were visited by these extraterrestrial beings.

With each episode, evidence is presented by several experts (everyone’s fave is this guy, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, below), and some speculation…okay, a TON of speculation. But for every far-fetched idea thrown out, there seems to be a guy who believes it. Did ancient aliens create static cling as a cosmic joke? Ancient alien theorists believe, yes. And then they would have some alien static cling expert explain with a chart or model how the aliens caused it to happen.

It’s a great show. Whether or not you should take everything said seriously is up to you. Although if you do take this show 100% literal and not just as speculative it may be time to put on the foil hat.

Season four includes the following episodes: The Mayan Conspiracy; The Doomsday Prophesies; The Greys; Aliens and Mega-Disasters; The NASA Connection; The Mystery of Puma Punku; Aliens and Bigfoot; The Da Vinci Conspiracy; The Time Travelers; and Aliens and Dinosaurs.

For some out of this world entertainment (yeah, I know I wrote that), check out Ancient Aliens: Season Four on Blu-ray now!

What is your favorite ancient alien theory? Leave a comment and let us know!

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