James Bond Gadgets – DVD Review

He’s one of the most iconic characters ever created. People know who he is the world over. They know what his favorite drink is, his favorite gun, and all the cars he’s ever driven. He’s Bond. James Bond. And along with the drinks, the guns, and the girls, Bond has used a wide array of special gadgets, vehicles, and other devices that have been both real and imaginary.

But what happens when the fictional devices seen in many older James Bond films become real-life gadgets used in everyday life or even for actual spy missions? These two Modern Marvels specials explore the gadgets, cars, and other vehicles James Bond utilized in a number of his films and the practical applications many of them have had in the real world.

Some of the gadgets existed before Bond, and there are interviews with the folks who made these space age devices a reality. It’s thanks to the magic of Hollywood – or Pinewood Studios, rather – that these gadgets get the Bond treatment that makes them even cooler than their reality-based counterparts.

Along with the two specials is a Biography special about Bond creator Ian Fleming, who shares more than a few things in common with 007. It’s an interesting look at the man who created one of the most famous characters of the 20th century. Bond. James Bond.

James Bond Gadgets is available NOW on DVD!

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