Halloween Horror Nights: Make-Up FX Preview – My Experience

After briefly getting lost, I finally made my way to the Globe Theater inside Universal Studios. You’ve probably passed by it before since it is adjacent to the Terminator 2 ride. After I checked in and was told there were no more English language press releases, I headed up the stone steps.

Inside I was greeted by the gory, bloody, and gruesome; a macabre cornucopia of monsters, demons, and zombies (online press can be a horrifying sight). I made my way counter-clockwise around the room, stopping at the various displays set up that showcased the many details that go into costuming the “scareactors” for the event.

First, I came to a display of scalps and wigs that are used for the even. A variety of hairpieces are used to create a plethora of characters with one goal: to scare the crap out of you!

I walked past several costumes from The Walking Dead, Welcome to Silent Hill, Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw is the Law mazes. There was a woman applying blood to one of the costumes as shown a few pics down.

Still making my way around the room, I came across a section filled with some cool masks that will be used throughout the event. In the dark, with the eerie fog, and with a chainsaw in hand, anyone in one of these masks will make even the toughest person scream like a 5 year old.

What’s this? Three make-up chairs and the opportunity to get your very own burn, scrape, bullet wound, or animal bite applied by make-up artists who work the event! Well, why the heck not!

And I must admit I look better with the bite than without.

Here I am with the nice gal who gave me my make-over. Later, I would go get lunch at City Walk and get some very funny reactions. Once guy moved tables after seeing me! Ha!

Moving on, there were several stations where a myriad make-up artists were applying the full facial prosthetics and effects to the folks who will be portraying these ghouls over the course of HHN.

Unfortunately, no maze previews were available, and there was a fence with a security guard next to it that prevented me from exploring the park, so I headed to City Walk with my new look and upset people who were eating while I had my Panda Express for lunch. I then headed home and contemplated wearing the make-up to the screening of Finding Nemo 3D I was going to later than night.

Check out our live coverage from opening night of HHN on Friday, September 21 starting at 8:30pm on Twitter and Facebook, and check out our review of the event posting on Saturday, September 22 should I survive the night! Lol.

Are you excited about Halloween Horror Nights? What maze/attraction are you most excited about? Leave a comment and let us know!

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