HHN Preview: Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D

Alice Cooper: Goes to Hell 3D

Alice Cooper: Goes to Hell 3D

Halloween Horror Nights will soon be upon us and we’ve got an exclusive preview of Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D!

This year Alice Cooper returns to Universal Studios Hollywood in a brand-new maze called Alice Cooper: Goes to Hell 3D. He is also appearing for the first time at Universal Studios Orlando with Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare.

Alice Cooper: Goes to Hell 3D

In Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D you’ll experience different levels of Hell such as lust and gluttony.

As you might have noticed 3D is in the title of the maze. Yes you will have to wear special glasses. There’s a lot of science and simply guessing that goes into the 3D portion of the maze. Because of the lighting and the use of specific colors, portions of the maze will have various effects that will throw off your perception of reality. With the glasses you’ll see that colors will literally be moving along the wall giving you depth to what in reality would look flat.

Alice Cooper: Goes to Hell 3D

Of course the maze itself isn’t just all a bunch of flashy colors. There will be plenty of live actors to scare you from room to room as you rock out to Cooper’s music. All that I’m saying is that I can’t wait to see the dancers in the lust room! 😉

Alice Cooper: Goes to Hell 3D

One of the most complex rooms will feature lava, a giant snake, a reaper, and so much more. Obviously last week when we visited the maze it was still under construction. So you do have to imagine these photos at night with the right mood to get a sense of how terrifying this maze will be when Halloween Horror Nights opens on September 21, 2012.

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