Hard to Kill – Blu-ray Review

Oh, Steven Seagal. We missed you in The Expendables and will miss you even more in Expendables 2. We enjoyed your turn as the villain in Machete, and enjoy you TV series True Justice. But it’s your earlier work that has always been your best, and it’s your second movie that we honor here, Hard to Kill.

It’s an action classic. How can it not be? It has all the classic action-movie tropes that make the genre worth watching. It’s fun, action-packed, and gives us plenty of stunts and a decent body count. Never heard of it? What’s wrong with you?!

After LAPD Detective Mason Storm is gunned down, he awakes nearly seven years later from a coma with one thing on his mind: REVENGE. What happens next is pure action-movie awesomeness as Seagal kicks ass, takes names, and shows the goons who tried to take him out that they’re the ones going down!

Throw in Kelly Le Brock (Wrongfully Accused) as his sexy nurse and you’ve got a great flick for any guy’s night or action movie marathon. You definitely have to check this one out!

Hard to Kill is available NOW on Blu-ray!

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