Altered States – Blu-ray

This is why you should never conduct science experiments on yourself! If you’ve ever considered self-experimentation, please consult this film first and see what could happen if you try it. I mean, I understand that as the person who had the idea and knows what they want to get out of said medical/science experiment that you would want to volunteer yourself. But please, for the sake of those around you, don’t do it! There will be no one around to tell others how to fix things when stuff goes awry.

And you know it will!

Welcome to the world of Altered States, where a research scientist (William Hurt) has hypothesized that there are other states of consciousness out there that are as alive and as vivid as the one we’re currently in. So, with the help of some good ol’ sensory deprivation and some hallucinogenic drugs (no the best como, btw), he’s determined to find out if his theory is true.

Well…let’s just say that things get a little out of hand and his experiments become a wee bit addictive; addictive to the point that those around him start to wonder if he’s starting to lose it. Is what he’s doing worth it if he winds up insane?

Altered States is an interesting film that takes viewers on a unique and frightening journey. If you enjoy 80s sci-fi, I recommend you check out Altered States on Blu-ray NOW!

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