Nomad 7 Solar Panel Review

If you like the outdoors and technology you know that the two usually don’t mix too well. As the day progresses your battery levels run low and you lack a way to charge them as there are no power outlets built into trees. The Nomad 7 Solar Panel offers a way to enjoy your technology outdoors provided that there’s sunlight.

This device is about the length of a backpack. Since you can fold up its panels it’s very easy to conform to a particular size/angle that you need it to be. Even with its size it’s still very light weight.

If you really want to get the most out of the Nomad 7 Solar Panel you’ll need to also buy the Guide 10 Power Pack. This will store the energy that the solar panels collect.

You can charge items with either the USB (5 volt) or car adapter cable (12 volt). Of course it’ll take sometime for each device to fully charge. Some examples are given in the manual: iPod 2 hours, Garmin GPS 2 hours, Cell phone 1 hour, GoPro Camera 4 hours, Satellite phone 2 hours.

In order to properly charge a device the Nomad 7 Solar Panel needs to be in direct sunlight. Even on cloudy days it may not be able to receive enough sunlight to charge your device. That’s why having a back up battery pack is still important for cloudy and night situations.

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