StuffWeLike @ E3: Prom Week

Oh, no! It’s almost time for the high school prom and you have to figure out how to get that special someone to go out with you! What to do? This is the basic premise of Prom Week, an interactive, multi-faceted game that is available on Facebook and Kongregate.

Choose a character. Find out your primary objectives. Then use the skills and social conventions your character is given in order to flirt, joke, insult, gossip, and do a whole bunch of other things with the other characters around you. You can do stuff to them, have them do stuff to you, and the whole time you can monitor your progress and see if you’ve achieved the goals the game has set for your character.

Each time you achieve a set of goals more goals and social skills are unlocked enabling you to dig deeper and deeper into the world of these characters. How deep does it go?

Using over 50,000 different algorithms (that’s math stuff, folks) there are endless possibilities regarding how to play the game and the outcomes of each “mission.” One of the game’s developers, Ben Samuel (pictured below), gave me an overview of the game and let me take it for a test drive. I have to admit that it is a little addictive.

And while it may contain SIMS-like aspects, the game definitely delves deeper into the lives and stories of the characters involved than the SIMS does.

It’s a pretty fun game that may appear easy on the surface but with so many possible pathways to follow there’s more than enough here to keep one occupied and invested for hours, days, weeks, even months!

Check it out via Facebook or Kongregate.

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