Experience “The Walking Dead – Escape: San Diego” At Comic-Con

Today Publisher Skybound and writer-creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman dropped a bombshell of an off-site event taking place during the San Diego Comic Con; The Walking Dead Escape: San Diego! This is an obstacle course where participants can do one of three things: be a survivor and race through a zombie-infested evacuation zone; be a walker who joins the ranks of the undead; or a spectator who watches from the sidelines during an Escape Party.

This is just one of a number of events and merchandise opportunities coinciding with the celebration of the 100th issue of the Image/Skybound Comic series that inspired AMC’s popular zombie drama which is scheduled to release in comic stores through out the country on Wednesday, July 11th.

“Our fans have been reading about it, watching it and now they get to live it with The Walking Dead Escape,” Kirkman said in a statement. “We are literally transforming Petco Park into the early days of society’s collapse and San Diego is just the first city to fall.”

The event is designed to be an experience where participants can interact with astonishing displays and Walking Dead references along the course, which when completed will determine whether or not you’ve been infected (though we have a hunch everyone already is!).

You must be at least 16 years old to participate and the cost for the event is $70 to register as a survivor as well as a mandatory insurance fee of around $5. There is also an opportunity to be made into a zombie by a team of professionals as well as the chance to just sit back and watch the event, prices for both of which are yet to be announced but spectators are given a poster featuring the cover that is given to participants. All survivors who enter also get a special variant cover to The Walking Dead #100. Registration is open right now at TheWalkingDeadEscape.com.

The FAQ section of the website features a little more background as well as rule for the event, such as:
– The average time of completion is 35-45 minutes.
– The Walking Dead Escape is not a race. No one is timed, and you are not required to run, but the slow usually die for a reason.
– Be prepared to climb, crawl, and slide.
– Depending on the encountered Walker, you may need to move briskly or lightly jog in an effort to avoid infection.
– Hiding is recommended if confronted with a Walker hoard.
– Move swiftly the end is near.
– The goal is to make it to the Evacuation Zone without having contact with any Walkers.
– Be aware, the Government believes infection can be spread by touch.
– Government Scientists will be waiting at the Evacuation Zone, and will perform a scan to determine whether or not participants have been infected by the virus.
– You must start with your assigned Evacuation time in order to participate.
– All participants are expected to be respectful, safe, and courteous on the course and to fellow participants. The course was designed to create a fun experience; common sense applies.
– All entries are final with no refunds.
– All decisions by officials are final and binding.
– Costumes ok.
– Absolutely no weapons allowed (real or otherwise).

While at first glance it would seem a lot like Run For Your Lives 5K event, the details that I have seen make this event an entirely different experience. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, or happen to be in the area, then you will not want to miss this!

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