Planet Egypt – DVD Review

I’ve always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt. There’s something truly mystical and mysterious about the Egyptian culture, its polytheistic belief system, and the pyramids that have made it one of the most studied ancient societies.

From the discovery of King Tut’s Tomb to theories of ancient aliens helping to build the pyramids, Egypt has been a wellspring of information that has both intrigued and alluded scientists and archeologists for decades.

Planet Egypt presents four fascinating documentaries that explore various aspects of Ancient Egypt and its links to the modern world. Each program delves deep into how Egypt evolved into the powerhouse it once was, how the great pharaohs ruled, and what the pyramids and other structures we revere as wondrous feats of architecture meant to these ancient people.

The specials include:

Birth of an Empire

How did Egypt become such a powerful force in the Middle East? How did it evolve from a simple Nile-based farming community into a thriving empire for 3000 years? This special attempts to answer these and other questions.

Pharaohs at War

How did Ancient Egypt prevent threats and invasions from neighboring countries? What strategies did they employ in order to stave off potential attacks? This special explores these intriguing questions.

Temples of Power

A crisis of faith for the Egyptian people? Explore what happened when one leader changed the religious structure of Ancient Egypt and the consequences that arose.

Quest for Eternity

Why was ancient Egyptian culture so fascinated with death? What does this belief have to do with the pyramids and other structures around this ancient civilization? This special looks into these and other questions.

Whether you are a die-hard fan of Ancient Egypt or merely curious about it, I recommend Planet Egypt as a great way to get excited about one of the greatest societies to ever inhabit the planet.

Planet Egypt is available NOW on DVD!

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