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The Warpia ConnectHD does two big things: first it streams your PC desktop to your HDTV and secondly it features a wireless webcam so you can video chat.

Why would you be interested in having a wireless webcam that sits on your TV? Well imagine that you’re streaming your desktop to your TV and you’re in a video chat. It would look a little strange if you’re looking off in the distance at your TV instead of your webcamera. The other thing is that usually if you’re chatting on your TV you want multiple people to be in the discussion. So instead of cramming everyone around a webcamera on your laptop, you can use the Warpia ConnectHD’s 720p wide angle camera to easily fit everyone into the shot. The microphone isn’t built into the Warpia ConnectHD camera. It’s a separate piece that will need to connect to your PC/laptop. Your TV can play the audio coming from your PC, you’ll just have to change your audio output device on your PC.



There is a minor delay between what you do on the PC and when it shows up on your TV. It’s nothing that will keep you waiting around though. You’ll be able to stream your desktop in 1080p so watching a video will be perfect. This isn’t a device that you’ll easily be able to play video games on due to the delay. With games you need it to be smooth and in real-time so you can properly play them. Also you can’t stream Blu-rays due to their copyright protection software.

The Warpia ConnectHD does not come with software to use its built in webcamera. You’ll have to find a webcamera chat program on your own. Obviously programs like Skype, Facebook video chat, etc. will work with it so it’s not too difficult to find a suitable program. If you’re like me you’ll want to find something that can do a video chat in 720p as that is what the camera is capable of. As of right now that’s pretty difficult as many video chat programs don’t support that resolution yet.

The only problem that I had with the camera is that it will freeze the video if you move the camera around. It’s as if the camera can only find the location of the PC if neither is moving. So make sure that if you are using this that the camera is in a 30 foot range and in sight with the PC. If the webcamera video freezes it generally will unfreeze itself with time.

Warpia ConnectHD’s evolves the idea of just streaming content from your PC to your TV and it does it pretty well. If you have any questions about the ConnectHD let me know in the comments section below.

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