Immortals Bluray Review

This isn’t Sparta!!!

That basically says everything. I could do a long run down of why Immortals is a bad movie, but I’ll just say it’s boring. In any movie where you don’t care about the story/characters you hope that there is a boat load of action to back it up. With Immortals you would think that there would be since it’s by the producers of 300, but to say the least there really isn’t much here. Action scenes are scattered throughout the film and when they occur they are worth watching, but everything else can be fast-forwarded through and you’ll still understand what is happening – not that it matters though. The action in Immortals is artsy and well done so it’s a shame that the entire movie was jammed packed with it.

I’d also like to point out that this movie is called Immortals. With that you would think the film is about the Greek Gods. While it does include these Gods, the movie is about various human characters. The best sequences are with the Gods and it’s a shame that the movie didn’t just focus on them.

On the flip side the extras are actually decent. There are around 10 deleted scenes, It’s No Myth – a video about Greek mythology, alternate opening and alternate ending, a graphic novel, and a making of. Now I say that these extras are decent because it still is tough to sit through watching extras about a movie that you didn’t enjoy. However the appeal here is that some of these extras such as It’s No Myth and the making of are educational and give you good insight about how this very graphic intensive movie was made. I did check out the graphic novel which displays on your TV screen but I couldn’t figure out how to zoom in, or if you’re even able too. In full screen mode I wasn’t able to read the text included within the graphic novel so it was a pretty pointless extra.

Again to recap the extras are good, the movie isn’t good, but it does have short action sequences that are worth watching. If you really liked 300, you may want to rent this movie. Otherwise it’s ok for you to pass.

Just a side note, you may have to turn up the brightness and contrast on your HDTV to even see what is going on within Immortals. It’s a very dark movie and I initially speaking couldn’t see anything.

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