Sponsored Video: The Weather Channel Presents Lifeguard!

I think everyone in the US knows that the West Coast is a most bodacious place in the country. Its got such a variety of locals, but it’s really the beaches that the world knows it for. I mean, I don’t think that I need to mention the name to the 90’s TV show about lifeguards that made everyone around the world fall in love with California’s beaches.

Now if you ever thought being a lifeguard was a glamorous life, you might want to watch The Weather Channel’s Lifeguard! and get a reality check. You’ll notice in the video below that being a lifeguard is serious work.

Even if you’re a little squeamish as these lifeguards rescue people who have been seriously injured, you’ll at least enjoy the beauty of California’s beaches. As you look at Lifeguard!’s Episode Guide you’ll see the variety of real life scenarios that they’ve been able to capture on video and air for this show.

Lifeguard! might turn off some from becoming a lifeguard, but hopefully it won’t turn you off from still visiting your local beach.

Lifeguard! premieres on February 23rd. Thursdays 9/8 central.

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