Transformers Prime First Season Limited Edition Bluray Review

The best looking Transformers 3D animated TV shows to hit the airwaves in years is now arriving on Bluray in this Limited Edition box set.


One of the reasons why I say one of the best looking Transformers show is because this show is in HD 1080p! So it really is so clear and beautiful to watch. The only thing about it is that the animation on the humans is a little bland and stiff, but nothing to fuss about.

There is an overarching story within Transformers Prime so it definitely makes you want to check out the next episode. Though overall the story isn’t all that different from previous Transformers shows. Megatron is still fighting Optimus. Then some new and old Transformers show up to help each side. From time to time the writing was entertaining, but every now and then there were a couple of lines in each episode that were poorly written. For example Optimus would say something like we have to prepare for Megatron’s return. Then in the next scene Megatron appears and says I have returned. I know it’s a kids show and you have to make things obvious for them, but seriously it comes off as more as lazy writing.

As far as the bonus features there’s a 15-20 minute making of, 15 audio commentaries, toy featurette, and a sneak preview for season 2. The sneak preview is around 20 seconds long so I was disappointed with that. I would have liked to see a trailer, but apparently this was the footage that they showed at the New York Comic Con 2011. The making of feature is pretty good as it contains a wide variety of people who work on this show while also covering the Transformers series overall. The toy featurette focuses on the characters within Transformers Prime and discusses why they were chosen to be in this series. TV shows usually don’t receive a ton of special features when they get released on DVD/Bluray so the amount of special features within this package is solid. The extras are also in 1080p HD as well.

As another bonus for this Limited Edition it contains a 96 page graphic novel by IDW. It is the story that introduces the characters featured in Transformers Prime.

Transformers Prime First Season Limited Edition has 26 episodes with a running time of 10 hours. With that and the special features this Limited Edition is definitely a perfect package for Transformers fans.

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