AViiQ Quick Stand Review

Need a stand for your laptop? The AViiQ Quick Stand works well, but I don’t fully understand its purpose.

There are three things that AViiQ Quick Stand tries to do be a very portable stand, improve airflow, and improve posture for yourself. It seems like it achieves all three of these ideas. The only one that I’m a little unsure about is the posture. I didn’t feel a difference in typing on a laptop that is tilted and viewing the screen at an angle. Maybe your laptop screen can’t open up at a wide angle. Maybe in that case this stand might be very useful.

So for me the AViiQ Quick Stand is really about improving air flow. Laptops get hot over time and that’s basically one of the reasons why I hate putting them on my lap. Even though the AViiQ Quick Stand seems to be mainly meant for desks, you can put it on your lap as long as you don’t move your legs around. The stand doesn’t stay flexed if you don’t have the laptop on it. The minute that you move around the stand may fold back up. So you just have to hold the stand when you or the laptop move around.

You can see a video of it in action below:

The stand is definitely light weight and portable. It should support laptops of 17″ in screen size and below. The grip on the AViiQ Quick Stand seems solid. I wouldn’t worry about your laptop sliding off the stand as long as it’s just sitting there. It’s also neat that the stand come in several colors so you can choose one that matches your laptop or sense of style.

The AViiQ Quick Stand is such a specific accessory that I’m not 100% sure who exactly needs this. It does what it’s supposed to do so if you think you need this then go for it.

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