BulletAsylum Mobile Review

If Missile Command and Geometry Wars had a baby, BulletAsylum would be their kid.

The first thing that you’re going to notice when you play BulletAsylum is the vector graphics. They are simply beautiful. What is even more amazing is that throughout all the crazy action that I experienced I never once saw a frame rate slow down.

There are three modes within BulletAsylum arcade, survival, and architect. In arcade you’ll start off with only a couple of turrets and then as you continue to destroy enemies you’ll receive new automatically installed weapons. Survival starts you off tons of turrets and then you simply stay alive for as long as possible. Architect allows you to choose your own turret layout. All three modes offer a slightly different take on the gameplay that make them all worthwhile to play. After each session ends you can upgrade your various weapons. So the next time you play the game it feels different from the previous match.

The controls are really simple you just slide either thumb to control where all your turrets are shooting. You can use both thumbs at the same time, which I found to make the game much more difficult but still it is necessary to control like that at times.

I think BulletAsylum masters the art of having entertaining gameplay that encourages people to come back for seconds while also allowing the gameplay to be enjoyed in short bursts as is necessary for on the go experiences. If you’re looking for a new Windows Phone game I definitely think you should check this one out.

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