Universal OnLive Wireless Controller Review

Control your games with the same controller no matter what device your playing them on. That sounds like an amazing idea, but does it really work? The quick answer is yes, as long as you are using the OnLive service with one of its compatible devices.

There are tons of devices that OnLive is compatible with: PC, MAC, the OnLive MicroConsole, smartphones, and tablets. Only a handful of tablets currently work with the controller and as of the publication of this post they are: Tab A500, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Toshiba Thrive. OnLive will update that list over time. Also as of right now there is only one smartphone that is compatible with the controller and it’s the Galaxy Nexus 4G. I would imagine that more devices will be compatible with the controller in the future, but for what devices and how soon is all up in the air.

Unboxing the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller:

Remember if you are interested in buying the OnLive MicroConsole, the controller that is included with that is not the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller. You’ll just be able to use MicroConsole controller with the MicroConsole. Hopefully OnLive soon updates the package to include the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller.

I didn’t see a way to know how much battery life is left in the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller rechargeable battery pack. It’s always nice to know before you start playing your game whether or not you need to connect the controller to charge up first before you get all comfy on your couch. The good thing is though that with a fully charged battery you should be able to play plenty of hours worth of games before you need to recharge the battery. If your rechargeable battery is dead you can swap it out for two AA batteries.

To truly make the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller a great long-term investment OnLive should allow the controller to be able to play non-OnLive PC games. I’m sure that this would get non-OnLive gamers interested in the OnLive service after they experience how well the controller feels and works with their regular PC games.

As it stands the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller is a great controller for OnLive gamers. Even if you just have OnLive on the PC and the OnLive MicroConsole, it’s amazing to be able to jump very quickly between each device and get the same gameplay experience. I mean playing hardcore games using the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller on your tablet/smartphone makes for a way more exciting time than playing apps like Angry Birds. I think you should go out and buy this controller if you have devices that are compatible with it. If your device currently isn’t compatible, keep checking OnLive’s website for updates and then go pick up the controller.

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