Real Steel Bluray Review

In this corner we’ve got a fighting champion robot and in the other corner we’ve got a robot that has taken the world’s heart. Together they show that steel is real… haha I crack myself up. Ok now I’m shutting up.

Real Steel is a kids movie that mixes boxing, robots, and a huge Hollywood budget to be all that it can be. While the Bluray contains around eight special features none of them go into a major overview of how this movie came to be and its progress through production. The special features do focus on specific moments within the production.

Sugar Ray Leonard: Cornerman’s Champ shows Jackman boxing with Sugar Ray Leonard. Building The Bots does a surface only look at the robots involved with Real Steel. It’s a shame that you don’t get the best sense of what exactly went into building the robots. The most in-depth feature is the Making of Metal Valley in which they go through and show all the different phases of film-making around that one set. There are some bloopers, deleted and extended scenes, as well as commentary and a second screen experience to sync up with your iPad or laptop. The Countdown to the Fight The Charlie Kenton Story is a ESPN like series of interviews with characters from Real Steel talking about Charlie and his boxing robot.

For those of you who don’t have a Bluray player, this 2 disc combo pack does come with a DVD that includes Bloopers, Making of Metal Valley, Building the Bots, and audio commentary.

The Real Steel Bluray isn’t a knock-out, but it is at least decent. I think it’s worth a rent if you want to watch a kid boxing movie with robots. Check out what Ian thought of the movie of Real Steel here.

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