Official Trailer for the 84th Academy Awards!

We’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time, the legendary Billy Crystal returns…better than ever.

I can remember back when I was just a wee lad watching the Oscars, desperately waiting for the chance to hear what is the “Best Picture” of the year. As the categories dragged on from the boring “Best Make-Up” to “Best Costume Design” to the almost unbearable “Best Documentary”, I often found myself losing interest in the show rapidly. It wasn’t until the host returned to their glorious position on the stage that I woke-up from my day dreaming, patiently awaiting the next joke or jab at the celebrity. But of all the hosts, and there have been quite a few, none could quite be Billy Crystal.

The soon to be nine time host is returning after eight excruciatingly long years hiatus from the event, and I could not be more excited. With that it in mind I’ve been waiting to hear more and more about the Oscars as the announcements will follow soon this month, but to hold us over Mr. Crystal, Megan Fox, and a few other cameos have brought us a trailer. But not just a trailer, the┬átrailer for The Oscars. Take a look!

I have no doubts that Billy Crystal will save the Oscars from what Franco and Hathaway did last year. Hopefully there will be some class and honor restored back to the illustrious ceremony, or at least some really great comedy. Tune in on February 26th to see the legend in action. I know I will, so get your Oscar ballots ready!


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