What is ‘Hitman: Profession’?

Hitman: Absolution, screenshot from the FMV trailer

Hitman: Absolution, screenshot from the FMV trailer
As opposed to what is ‘Hitman’s Profession’, which we’re entirely too clear on.

Siliconera has found a trademark filed by Square Enix for something called ‘Hitman: Profession’.

Could this be a a new game in the Hitman line, starring good ol’ baldie hero Agent 47? Note that the latest game in the franchise, Hitman: Absolution was announced at E3 and hasn’t even been released yet. Could Square Enix be developing yet another Hitman game even before this one is released? SE had made it clear that they want to develop strong franchises, so it’s entirely likely. But then this Profession business could just be tie-in material for Absolution.

Whatever it is, speculating about it isn’t going to make it happen, so somebody please raid Square Enix’s offices and let us know what’s going on in those board meetings!

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