Shigeru Miyamoto retiring to work on smaller games

Of course, one might argue that Mario was a ‘small’ game…

Shigeru Miyamoto, gaming legend and creator of Super Mario Bros. as well as The Legend of Zelda, has announced that he will be retiring from his current position in Nintendo and will instead focus his efforts on making smaller, more personal games. He stresses, of course, that he won’t be retiring from the games industry as a whole, because now that would just be crazy talk.

Miyamoto says that he’s hoping to make a project in 2012 and show it to the public within a year. He says he’d like to work by himself, or in a small studio with younger developers. What exactly is a ‘small’ project? Anything that doesn’t require a five-year development span, Miyamoto says. We’ll see how that goes and eagerly await Miyamoto’s next project, which hopefully won’t be yet another goddamned Mario game.

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