Dragon Age going multiplayer soon?

PvE, PvP and maybe PvC too!

Dragon Age, everyone’s favourite faux-Baldur’s Gate BioWare singleplayer role-playing series will soon take a dip into multiplayer territory, according to an insider Kotaku is in contact with.

For the offering is player vs player battles set in an arena system, or player vs environment battles in which you and your buddies can face off against grand threats such as dragons and haemorrhoids. While there’s no word on whether it’s Dragon Age III that’s going multiplayer, or if a separate game is under development, we do know that it’s being developed on DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine (last used on Battlefield 3).

If this is true, it gets me really excited. Dragon Age on Frostbite 2 would look stunning!

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