The Silent House DVD Review

What happens when a horror film has no cuts? Does the suspense dwindle?

Not really. The suspense is there because you’re waiting a long time for something to happen. Doing a film in one take is definitely a creative way to tell the story as it deeply effects what you’re able to do.

The Silent House isn’t a paranormal adventure. It focuses on a chick and her dad who go to an old house to clean it up. Since there’s no power, she spends the majority of the film wandering around in the dark with a flash light trying to figure out who is attacking her and her father.

Not to give anything away, but I was disappointed with the ending. It makes the rest of the film seem illogical and impossible. I suppose that it was a satisfying ending to some extent, but I still don’t buy it.

To say the least, you’ll watch some chick wander around the house for the vast majority of the film. It’s suspenseful, but boring at the same time. Her character is never fully fleshed out. You barely care about what happens to her or her father.

The only special feature on this DVD is a trailer of the film. The Silent House has a neat gimmick that will make many of you interested in seeing it, but there’s no reason to own it on DVD. The Silent House is a rental.

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