The Howling Reborn Bluray Review

Does this straight to home video film howl for attention?

Pulling off a new werewolf movie where the protagonist is a teenager is a pretty tough sell without mentioning something about Twilight. Whether you like it or not, that series has greatly impacted both the vampires and werewolves genre for better or worse.

So yeah you can see the similarities to The Howling Reborn and Twilight, but the romance is not the central focus here. In The Howling Reborn you do get a good amount of action mixed in with bloody horror sequences. The romance is more there to flesh out the characters. Plus Lindsey Shaw and Ivana Milicevic are both hot so you might as well sit back and enjoy the sex scene moments in this flick.

One of the most important things to do in a werewolf movie is to have wolves that look cool. They did go with guys in suits which I did like that they weren’t completely CGI wolves. Maybe it was the lighting or something but the designs of the wolves didn’t really do it for me. There is a wolf battle at the end of the film and it looks a little ridiculous because the wolves have this really hunched back with this huge face. To me it just looks bad. Thankfully the movie itself doesn’t rely heavily on showing or doing much with the full blown wolves until the end.

The Howling Reborn has its problems, but at least it tries to be about something. It does have some interesting moments and ideas. The Bluray does feature a 30 minute making of documentary, storyboard gallery, and audio commentary. I’d say The Howling Reborn is a rental.

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