Fancy a Top-Down RPG for Next Year? Meet ‘Krater’.

Which was the last game you played that was set in post-apocalyptic Sweden anyway?

Fatshark, the indie Swedish developer behind Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 has just announced that they will be working on an original IP titled… Krater (which we assume is Swedish for ‘crater’, or maybe poor spelling).

Krater will be a top-down RPG set in post-apocalyptic Sweden. Not a whole lot has been revealed about the game, other than that it will be set in ‘lush yet gritty’ environments, and will let you command up to three characters simultaneously via an innovative control system. No story details have been tossed about, though we know that the characters will be ‘hardened survivors’ and that you descend into The Hole (Krater?), where you may work as hired guns, trouble shooters (har har) or scavengers. Gee, so many diverse options to choose from!

The game will be geared towards a ‘hardcore PC audience’ and we can assume that that’s the only console it’ll be released on. Players run the risk of injuring or even losing their team members permanently (which reminds me of good ol’ Fire Emblem). Sounds hardcore, though. The game will also have a versatile crafting system so you can craft while you… play. I guess.

They have an official site and everything put up here, and the game itself will be coming out in 2012. Good thing there’s no Fallout 4 coming out around this time to overshadow them, eh? Right, Bethesda?

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