New info for Phoenix Wright movie.

Isn’t that right, Wright?

There’ll be no objections about this one: Capcom has released more information regarding Japanese horror/comedy director Takashi Miike’s taking the helm in an adaptation of their immensely popular Nintendo DS legal game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, including our first screen cap and a possible release date. At first glance the choice of Miike for director seems like a bizarre choice to Western fans, since his most popular movies over here (Audition, Imprint) are gruesomely violent, disturbing horror films. However, the director has a much larger palette than that, releasing claymation musicals (Happiness of the Katakuris), Tarantino-backed westerns (Sukiyaki Western Django), and blood-soaked black comedies (Ichi the Killer), as well as many, MANY Yakuza-laced crime flicks (Full Metal Yakuza, Dead or Alive, Deadly Outlaw: Rekka, etc etc), so giving him free reign on a slapstick courtroom story isn’t exactly stretching the man’s talents.

The screenshot we’ve gotten is of actor Hiroki Nariyama in full Wright getup, and he looks suitably ridiculous to guarantee that the movie’s going to stay true to the source material. Teaser trailers are going to start being shown November 5, with the movie currently looking at a Japanese release date of February 11, and as always we’ll be listening for plans to bring it to America.

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