Robotech: The Complete Series – DVD Review

Calling all anime fans! If you’ve never seen Robotech before, this is your chance to see the entire series. And it’s pretty awesome! I’ve always been a fan of classic Japanese anime, and this series definitely delivers the old school art and animation with plenty of sci-fi action and adventure.

Robotech is actually three anime series cut into one that was released in the U.S. in 1985. The basic story centers around Earth obtaining and adapting alien robot technology that they must use against three deadly alien invasions. There are three Robotech series: The Macross Saga, The Masters Saga, and The New Generation.

To say that this sci-fi anime series is epic would be an understatement. Every aspect of this show keeps you glued to the screen. It’s a series with solid action, great characters, and it’s extremely inventive and fun to watch!

Now, if you’re a geek like me you’re into special features and Robotech has over ten hours of bonus features in The Robotech Archives. Over the course of four discs, Archives delves deeper and deeper into the Robotech universe with documentaries, supplemental materials, concept art, character bios, music videos, lost pilots, alternate versions of Robotch episodes, and lots more. It’s a treasure chest of Robotech fun!

Robotech: The Complete Series is a must have for anime fans, and is a sci-fi adventure series that I highly recommend!

Check out Robotech: The Complete Series on DVD today!

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