Rhapsody gains control of Napster

Online music services team up for the future!

On-demand music streaming site Rhapsody announced Monday that it would take over Napster, a name still synonymous with the lawless days of 2000, in an effort to stay ahead in the online music wars. Rhapsody is currently on top among on-demand music sites, though it’s been facing rising competition from rising stars like Rdio and Spotify, which started US service earlier this year and has been gaining subscribers fast. Since the music industry stopped Napster’s illegal sharing in 2003, the company has been bought and sold a few times, first bought by Roxio, later sold to Best Buy, and now it looks like Rhapsody is looking to acquire a name that still holds a lot of nostalgia, years after most consumers have moved on.


Of course, though Rhapsody holds the top spot with streaming services, its real rival is Apple’s iTunes, a pay-to-download service that reigns supreme not only on the internet, but across all facets of music and remains a force that everyone, from online retailers, to streaming services, to even major record stores and retailers, need to keep in consideration. No doubt Rhapsody’s acquisition is a good step toward competing with Apple on a more level battlefield.

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