Mike & Molly: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Review

Now this is one funny sitcom! The third show from Executive Producer Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory), Mike & Molly is a comedy hit with laughs aplenty and lots of heart. It’s one of the best comedy series I’ve seen on network TV in a long time, and it’s ratings and audience appeal make it a definite must-see.

Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy are fantastic as the title characters, and their chemistry whether they are fighting or making up is a joy to watch. These are two comedians with some solid acting chops, and they both play off each other with skill and wonderful timing. It’s no wonder that McCarthy recently won an Emmy for her role of the series, and I’m sure there are more accolades to come.

Mike & Molly would be nothing without its stellar supporting cast that deliver on comic levels ranging from the subtle to downright raunchy (more on that later). Katy Mixon and Swoosie Kurtz are dynamite as Molly’s sister and mom; while Mike’s best friend Carl (Reno Wilson) and Cleo King who plays Carl’s Grandma are a hilarious comedy duo in their own right.

And you can’t talk about the cast of Mike & Molly without mentioning Rondi Reed who plays Mike’s mom, Peggy, and her pet dog, Jim, who can steal any scene he’s in with a simple look. Add in Nyambi Nyambi as cranky waiter Samuel and Molly’s mom’s boyfriend, Vince (Louis Mustillo), who’s stuck in the misogynistic 70s, and there’s plenty of characters and jokes to go around.

If you like the humor of Two and a Half Men (and I do), you’ll enjoy the fast-paced, sex joke laden content of Mike & Molly. Much like its predecessor, your jaw may drop a few times out of shock when you hear some of the one-liners throughout the season. Mine sure did. It’s one of the great things about these shows; they snub their nose at political correctness, throw caution and censorship to the wind, and deliver some very edgy laughs.

Another nice thing about the series is that you can start watching pretty much at any time and know exactly what the premise is and who these characters are. It’s one of the elements that I believe made the first eight seasons of Two and a Half Men a success; you knew exactly what you were getting and who these people were no matter the episode or season. This makes it much easier and faster for new viewers to engage with the series and its characters, which is a key ingredient in making sure a show has some longevity on the air these days.

For those folks who think the show has a laugh track, I can tell you from personal experience that it simply isn’t true. I was at the taping of the season one episode, “Mike’s Feet,” and there was a packed audience laughing throughout the episode. Now, we are instructed to laugh at everything whether we think it’s funny or not, which may explain why people believe that it’s a machine generating the laughs and not real people. But there are humans laughing at the wacky antics and lines of these characters.

Mike & Molly: The Complete First Season Blu-ray has plenty of great special features, which include:

Falling in Love with Mike & Molly

Paired-up cast members interview each other about their favorite episodes, their characters, and similarities they share with their characters.

Mike & Molly Play Acts

At the taping I saw, Billy Gardell and Reno Wilson sat in chairs and acted out a scene in the police car. It was rather amusing, and this featurette explains why they present the scenes in front of the audience in this manner.

Gag Reel

Solid collection of outtakes with plenty of laughs.

An Interview with Jim (the Dog) and Rondi Reed

Rondi Reed who plays Mike’s mom introduces us to Susie Q, the female dog who plays Jim on the show.

Mike & Molly is a hilarious series with plenty of great characters and laugh-out-loud jokes. I definitely recommend this series, and am excited to see what season two has to offer!

Mike & Molly: The Complete First Season is available NOW on DVD and Blu-ray!

Check out episodes of Mike & Molly Mondays at 9:30pm only on CBS after Two and a Half Men.

What’s your favorite Mike & Molly episode or scene? Who’s your favorite character? Leave a comment and let us know!

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