‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’ Trailer Debuted!

“What does it open?” We take a look at the new film trailer ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’.

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 left America with a big gaping sore spot. Many people lost loved ones, jobs, and even a sense of normalcy on that fateful day. But where there is loss there is hope, and with hope comes love. Such is the story of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. The book follows a nine year old, Oskar Schell, as he tries to unravel the mystery of a key he finds in his father’s closet one day. However that’s not all, Oskar’s father had died during the terrorist attacks of 9/11, thus adding a pro americana vibe to the entire narrative. Being an intellectually curious child he attempts to discover what it could possibly mean because his father must have intended this. It continues to unravel throughout the narrative and ultimately leads to a satisfying ending.

The book was critically acclaimed and it’s no wonder that Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures picked this up to be made into a feature length film. A lot of speculation has been circling this movie saying that it’s a safe bet it’s going to be an Oscar contender and I have no doubt about that. The Academy seems to be bent on these kind of films lately and if it didn’t get the praise it supposedly deserves many would call the Academy cold and heartless due to the context of the film. But judge for yourself, does this have the chance to be an Oscar fighter? Check it out below!


Having purposely stayed away from the novel I can say this, the film screams Oscar bait. Not only that but the book itself begged to be purchased due to the fact it was about 9/11. The author of the novel, Jonathan Safran Foer received both praise and disdain from critics alike. Many saying that he took advantage of the attacks to try and make some extra money. Considering I’m of the same opinion, I firmly believe I could appreciate the film and book more if the father died of something else. Then it could be a story about a family being torn apart by death and the hope of a child trying to fix it all instead of the strong political undertones that lay beneath the surface. But we shall wait and see, who knows this really could be one of the greatest stories ever told. We’ll just have to wait to get closer to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

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