‘Star Wars’ Stands up to Cancer with Comedy!

Time to quit making jokes about Lucas, let’s appreciate Star Wars through some actual comedy!

Aziz Ansari, Emma Stone, Andy Samberg, Ed Helms, Seth Rogen, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong, Jamie King and Samuel L. Jackson , have all joined the alliance against cancer with the campaign Stand Up To Cancer in partnership with Lucasfilm. Having recently been under fire for all the controversial changes to the original films, it seems Lucas is finally doing something right with his beloved franchise. Below is a video depicting the above actors all reenacting some of the most memorable scenes from the original trilogy. Check it out!

As a major Star Wars fan I found a lot of great things in this video. All the callbacks to the trilogy, with some of their own humor thrown in was great. It is such a relief to see the movies be celebrated rather than desecrated.

You can go to www.standup2cancer.org/usetheforce to view the official website for Use The Force for Good. When you visit the website make sure to tour every nook and cranny so you too can join in on the Star Wars fun. They have plenty of items to purchase as well as some very rare and very valuable EBay items to bid on (like a one-of-a-kind Star Wars edition 2012 Volkswagen Passat and dinner with filmmakers including George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, John Lasseter, Chris Columbus and Phillip Kaufman). Make sure to bid high and spend a lot of money to help this astounding cause.

Hopefully I’ll get to sit down in a nice Cantina and give ol’ George a piece of my mind.

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