‘Point Break’ Reboot Finally Taking Off!

“Little hand says it’s time to rock and roll.” – Bodhi. My thoughts exactly dude!

In this day and age in Hollywood is not uncommon to find a remake, a sequel, or a film based off a book so it comes as no surprise that once again a film will be getting the royal treatment in remodeling the original. Point Break, a crime thriller film made in 1991 stars a young Keanu Reeves and the late Patrick Swayze as two of the most unlikely friends you’d find. Keanu plays an up and coming FBI agent tasked with the job to infiltrate a crime ring and discover the identities of the robbers who recently have been gaining a lot of momentum. Patrick Swayze plays Reeve’s opposite asĀ  a likeable surfer dude who embodies everything about the granola spirit, oh and in case you didn’t know SPOILER he’s the leader of the crime ring END SPOILER. So on goes the battle between good and evil as Reeves and Swayze duke it out in this fun filled film.


To those of you who haven’t seen this film, or the live performance titled “Point Break Live!” I recommend you see one or both, because this film really is a sight to behold. From some impressive; albeit laughable, chase scenes to some extremely powerful “broments”(bro moments) it takes you on quite the journey of what it means to be a good guy and a bad guy at the same time. Now the real question is, does this film deserve to be remade? Is it something that people have been dying for since they saw the first one? Of course not. The film on it’s own is great and it really shouldn’t be touched. Just like a few years back with the film Taking of Pelham 123. The original was just fine on it’s own, had a special place in everyone’s heart and it truly didn’t need to be touched. But Hollywood is back, and they hope to be making some impressive money off this reboot of the unforgettable crime thriller.

Alcon Entertainment will be heading the film’s course with such films as The Blind Side, The Book of Eli, and Insomnia under their belt, it seems like they may have a good idea on how to go about this. No word yet on what the former star, Keanu Reeves thinks but I can guarantee what Brodhi(Swayze’s character) would say if he were still catching the waves. “Life sure has a sick sense of humor, doesn’t it?”.

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