Image Comics Previews for 8/31/11

Tomorrow is comic day and Image has given us a little something to hold us over!

(Also, click HERE for a list of all the other releases and look for my review of 8/31/11’s releases coming at the end of the week)

Savage Dragon #173
By: Erik Larsen
Price: $3.50

It’s Malcolm Dragon vs. Mr. Glum – and Angel vs. Angel as the gates to Dimension-X are thrown wide open and all hell descends on Earth!

Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker #6 (MR)
Story by: Joe Casey
Art By: Mike Huddleston
Price: $2.99

Think we’ve pushed the envelope in this series so far? Well, this issue goes all the way! Learn the hidden secret of Jihad Jones! Discover Butcher Baker’s happy place! And Arnie B. Willard is still in hot pursuit! Do you need to read this comicbook? Absolutely!

Epoch #1 (of 5) (MR)
Price: $3.99

THE GREATEST TOURNAMENT THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN BEGINS ANEW! Top Cow Productions and Heroes and Villains Entertainment proudly present a dark and intensely kinetic tale from writer KEVIN McCARTHY (Red Sonja, The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist) and newcomer PAOLO PANTALENA (What If?: House of M, War of Kings: Darkhawk). Jonah Bishop is an NYPD detective assigned to a mysterious murder case that threatens to rip the reality he knows and plunge him into the shadow world of his heritage–the Supernatural. Jonah’s quest will drop him deep in the middle of a conspiracy that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of society.

Haunt #17
Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art By: Greg Capullo
Price: $2.99

In a moment of desperation, Haunt turns to the one who told him what he was. Andressa knows much about the supernatural, she knows about the existence of Haunt and about The Apparition, but more importantly… she’s knows how to kill it.

Invincible #82
Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art By: Ryan Ottley
Colored By: Fco Plasencia
Price: $2.99

Face-to-face with Universa. She came from a distant planet, wielding unimaginable power, seeking to drain our planet dry of all energy. Invincible was able to stop her. But how long can she be contained… and what can be done with her?

Vescell #1 (MR)
Price: $2.99

The International Company known as Vescell specializes in what is commonly known as ‘Vtrans’, the transferring of a person’s mind and spirit from one body into another. Former Icarus City Detective, Mauricio ‘Moo’ Barrino is now Vescell’s best agent, handling the most high profile and dangerous cases. In the seedy world of a high end corporate espionage, where mysticism and guns clash, and money is tainted with sin, Agent Mauricio Barrino fights against the demons of fate while trying to reach the heaven of his destiny. Be prepared for the bar-raising, sci-fi noir epic that is VESCELL.

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