‘Conan’ & ‘Fright Night’ Show That Remakes Aren’t Hot

People have been shouting for reform in cinemas for years now, will they finally get their wish?

As time goes by it seems every year we notice a different trend in films. This year may be adaptations, the next one will be musicals, who knows? But one thing is for certain, this year is not for remakes.

Just basing this soley of this weekend’s box office score, anyone can see what people want and it’s not the two films that just came out. Both Conan the Barbarian and Fright Night flopped hard when faced against the competition of The Help.

So what’s the deal? What could have caused these two would be giants to crumble? Against all odds it seems that the good movie patrons have finally had enough. They are sick of these re-makes of films that from the get go weren’t very good, they want new blood as shown by Inception last year. With more originals and adaptations coming out this year, we can only hope that they will demonstrate to the Hollywood big wigs that we want stories that are great, not re-hashed and updated. Something that actually can pack a punch, unlike Conan the Barbarian, which could barely stand on it’s own two feet.


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