Tangled Bluray Review

Like hair? Well so do we.

Previously Ian and I have reviewed the film Tangled so we’re just going to cut this down to talking about the special features. If you want to see what the Bluray box art looks like check out the unboxing video below:

This Tangled 2 disc combo pack comes with one Bluray and one DVD. Both include a copy of the film itself. The DVD contains one bonus feature that is also included on the Bluray.

The main special feature Untangled: The Making of a Fairy Tale includes Zach Levi and Mandy Moore hosting a cheesy behind the scenes look at the movie. This is targeted towards young kids and it does feel like a Disney Channel special. Those wanting in-depth information on how this film was created may not find what they’re looking for.

The rest of the bonus features such as deleted scenes, extended songs, 9 Tangled Teasers, and Two Original Storybook Openings are relatively short and won’t hold your attention span for too long. I do think the 50th Animated Feature Countdown was a letdown. Tangled is Disney’s 50th animated feature film and it would have been great to have some sort of commentary about these 50 films, but the featurette is a montage of these films.

Tangled itself is still a good enough film that it warrants buying this Bluray to watch it again and again. However if you are seeking a package that includes worthwhile special features, maybe wait until a new edition comes out in a couple of years.

Author: DaveWeLike

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