Mass Effect 2 DLC: “Arrival” Detailed

Shepard is having one last go before going back to fight the Reapers. The latest and last piece of downloadable content for Mass Effect 2, set to release March 29th, will have Shepard going it alone throughout the entirety of the mission. This is a dramatic change form the squad based tactics that Bioware has implemented in the first two games. According to Joystiq, the soldier class will have a slightly easier time dealing with enemies and making a run through than say the Adept or Engineer classes.

It also seems as though Bioware has upped the sneaky business in this piece pf DLC as Shepard performs more stealth based actions than before. That doesn’t mean a heavy emphasis on shadow work, however, the core of the gameplay will still be cover based shooting.

The story behind this outing involves a certain Dr. Kenson being kidnapped by Batarians and tortured. Your task is to find her and bring her back to the Reaper artifact she has discovered. Naturally there is more to the story than this so you’ll just have to play it to find out what happens.

There are a reported five areas to traverse through the DLC which sounds like a solid count and will possibly be on par with “Lair of the Shadow Broker”, a very deep piece of story. Even though it is the last bit we will see before Mass Effect 3 it will not lead into Mass Effect 3 at all. Look for it March 29th.

Source: Joystiq

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