Nyko Raven Review

It looks like an Xbox 360 controller, but it’s really a Playstation 3 controller. What a twist!

Check out what the Raven looks like (1:04):

I love the Xbox 360 controller. It’s not like I’m not a fan of the PS3 controller; it’s just a little small for my hands. The Xbox 360 fits my hands a lot better. When Nyko announced the Raven, a PS3 controller the size of the Xbox 360 – church bells rang around the world.

The controller feels exactly as you expect it to. It has a soft outer casing so it is smooth to the grip. It does support tilt and rumble. The battery should last for around 25 hours and you can be up to 25 feet away from your PS3 while playing with the Raven.

You do need to attach a dongle to your PS3 so the controller communicates with your console. You’ll charge your controller with the provided USB cord.

I have seen several online reviews noting that there are dead zones and lag in button response. I don’t remember noticing any of these issues. I played Battlefield Bad Company 2 with the Raven and everything worked as it should.

Anyway if you’re looking for an alternative controller and one that feels like a Xbox 360 controller then go ahead and try Nyko’s Raven.

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