Ratfist: a new hero from Earthworm Jim’s Doug TenNapel

TenNapel's Ratfist

Watch out, webcomic readers.  Doug TenNapel, perhaps most popularly known as the creator of the video game Earthworm Jim, has brought the world a new screwball superhero to the internet webcomic scene.   In the years since Earthworm Jim, TenNapel has kept busy publishing a new graphic novel almost every year through publishers such as Image Comics and Scholastic.  Many of which he has already sold the films right to.  Now, inspired by the success of the AxeCop series (drawn by his friend, Ethan Nicolle), TenNapel decided to try out webcomics for himself; enter Ratfist.

Since going live almost a month ago, Ratfist is shaping up to be a comedic superhero satire on everything from relationships to politics.  The first several pages have already spawned quotable “one-liner” catch phrases and other moments of hilarity.  Story-wise, Ratfist is off to a great start.  No lengthy origins to open the series as in the traditional approach to superhero comics.  The story begins with it already being evident that Ratfist is an established superhero with no supernatural abilities, but a few pages later he starts to mutate.  Imagine watching The Dark Knight and within the first 20 minutes Batman attains real super powers (more than just being a rich guy).  TenNapel simply cuts to the chase, heading straight into the action.

Ratfist is updated with one new page every weekday, a rapid and rare schedule in the webcomics world.  I’m going to be keeping up closely with this comic for the action, excitement, comedy, and excellent artwork.  If you’d like to join me, take hold of my hand.  Just kidding, don’t go grabbing my hand, kid. To quote Ratfist, “You got chumped, Chump.”

Read Ratfist at Ratfist.com

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