Orb Music Player Review

The Orb Music allows for a wireless connection from your smart phone and computer to almost any set of speakers, which then allows you to play music from a variety of sources.

This package includes the Orb device, power supply, USB cable, and stereo audio cables. Although the the instructions list only four steps, the whole installation process is kind of complicated. First, you’ll have to download the Orb Caster software onto your PC or MAC. This will allow your Orb device to communicate with your computer. Then you have to plug in the Orb device to your computer via USB and configure it. Once all of that is done you should notice the Orb logo lighting up with a green light. This means that it’s properly working. You’ll have to unplug the Orb and find a set of powered speakers that have stereo audio cable inputs or plug into your stereo receiver. Make sure to set the receiver input to AUX. If all goes well, you will be able to use the Orb Caster software on your pc to transmit your music library straight over to your speakers or stereo system. For more in-depth control, you can connect your smart phone (iPhone or Android) to your music library via the free Orb app. This not only allows you to select songs individually, you’ll also be able to play Pandora, YouTube (audio), and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Exhausted yet?

Clearly Orb Music allows you to do a lot of great stuff, but it’s pretty complicated and pricey to get up and running. Currently Orb Music costs you $69. Then you have to factor in powered speakers or a stereo receiver, computer, and potentially a smart phone along with the price of the music service. You don’t need everything that I’ve listed there, but if you want the full experience it’ll cost you a good penny.

Streaming the music is pretty flawless. Everything works over your WiFi network: so as long as you’re in range, you’ll be connected. I didn’t experience any buffering times and the audio sounded crisp. It works exactly as advertised.

If you’re prepared for a lengthy installation and think the Orb Music will solve your music needs then I do recommend that you check it out because it does the job well.

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