The Year of Getting to Know Us – Blu-ray Review

Okay, so I had very low expectations when I received The Year of Getting to Know Us to review. I mean, come on, Jimmy Fallon? Tom Arnold? Not exactly two people I associate with quality filmmaking. Sharon Stone? Lucy Liu? Two other people who I did not expect to show up in this indie film.

But the back of the Blu-ray said “Official Selection – Sundance Film Festival,” so how bad could it be? I mean, if a group of film snobs liked it…

So I popped it in and watched it. It’s actually really well done and acted. I am here to say on-record that Jimmy Fallon and Tom Arnold exceeded my expectations and I actually, genuinely enjoyed The Year of Getting to Know Us.

It’s a film about confronting your demons, about reconciling with the past in order to move forward, and about accepting the future or changing it. It’s got plenty of laughs but lots of heart. There’s something for everyone in this comedy/drama, and it’s definitely was a pleasant surprise.

Yes, I was wrong. Very wrong. I apologize to Jimmy Fallon and Tom Arnold for ever doubting your abilities to play drama in a believable and heart-felt way. Well done, I say!

Special features include the trailer and a Press Conference with Jimmy Fallon, Sharon Stone, Tom Arnold, Illeana Douglas, and director Patrick Sisam.

For a pleasant surprise, check out The Year of Getting to Know Us.

The Year of Getting to Know Us is available NOW on Blu-ray!

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