Billy the Exterminator: Seasons One and Two – DVD Reviews

Billy the Exterminator: Season One on DVD!

Rats. Wasps. Snakes. Spiders. Who you gonna call? Vexcon! Join Billy Bretherton and his team of exterminators as they take on some of the craziest pest problems in Louisiana. Creatures of all shapes and sizes, found in all places and spaces, are no match for Billy and his team of professionals.

Billy was first seen on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe and was soon given his own series. Unlike other exterminators, Billy definitely has his own style and personality that make him stand out from the traditional pest management worker. His leather cowboy hat, shades, bandanna, and black clothes make him a character in his own right, and one that pests truly fear.

Each episode takes us on two jobs with Billy and company as they tackle everything from giant wasps at a hotel to poisonous spiders that have invaded a family’s summer cabin. Along with the small pests Billy and the gang team up to stop gators, raccoons, roaches, squirrels, and even bats.

Billy prides himself on being eco-friendly, and does his best to relocate the animals if it’s a possibility. His traps and even his sprays are good and safe for the environment but bad for pesky critters that dare cross his path.

Granted the show does feel a bit over-scripted at times and it does look like the clients are just waiting to open their doors on cue, but the actual extermination/capture/relocation is all too real.

Season One includes the following episodes: Goth Bees & Killer Coons; Snake in the Closet; There’s a Gator in My Boat; Kitty Corpse Cleanup; Gator Park Swamp; Possums in the Wall; Llama-Eating Gators; Psych Raccoon/Killer Spiders; Raccoon Haunting; Tattoo Rattlesnake; Bobcat Invasion; Extreme Roaches/Busy Beaver; Skunks and Mice and Snakes Oh My; and Bonus Footage.

Billy the Exterminator: Season Two on DVD!

Season Two includes the following episodes: Funeral Home Snake; Attack of the Trash Raccoon; Snake Invader; Backyard Gator; Nursery Room Raccoon; Extreme Gator; Snakes in the Swamp; Bee Relocation; Raccoon Rescue; Bobcat & Yellow Jacket; Spider Invasion; Attack of the 15 Foot Snake; Squirrels in the Attic; Rattlesnake Combat; Bat Attack; Deadly Snake on the Loose; 9 Foot Gator!; When Squirrels Attack!; Sprayed by a Skunk!; Python on the Prowl; Billy Goes to the Gulf; and Bonus Footage.

For some pest-filled fun, check out Billy the Exterminator, Seasons One and Two on DVD!

Billy the Exterminator, Seasons One and Two (sold separately) are available December 21, 2010 on DVD!

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